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Chase Paymentech Merchant Services Reviews – The Good And The Bad

 chase payment tech merchant services

Are you currently scouring the market for the best merchant services, with the smallest fee possible? If so, you should definitely take the time to read the latest Chase Paymentech Merchant Services reviews. This bank has been in the industry for an extensive period of time and you can benefit immensely from utilizing their merchant solutions. Of course, there are some negatives involved. Within this review, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the good and bad aspects of Paymentech Merchant Services.


Skip The Middleman


When attempting to deal with a traditional payment processor, the business owner would generally be working with several different entities. They’ll utilize the processor to process the payment, while using a separate merchant bank. This can sometimes create confusion and increase the fees slightly. This is one of the primary reasons that a lot of business owners adore Chase Paymentech Services. Chase handles all aspects of the transaction. Not only do they act as the processor, but Chase is also the active merchant bank so you do not need to go through several different entities.


Lower Costs


Now, you should already see the benefit of being able to skip the middleman. In general, this means that you’ll be provided with a better fee per each transaction. Chase offers a very simplistic pricing structure, so business owners shouldn’t have much difficulty figuring out precisely how much they’ll pay. Qualified Credit, Rewards Card and Signature Debit transactions come with a 1.65% fee and a $.25 surcharge per transaction, when using your existing hardware. Unfortunately, the costs for unqualified transactions have no been clearly labeled.


Customer Service


One of the most notable benefits associated with Chase is the fact that their customer support is topnotch. Their customer support system is in-house and based out of the United States. They’re also available each hour of every day. Regardless of the situation, time of the day or day of the year, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be able to get in touch with the company and they’ll be able to rectify the problem, without much trouble.


Some Downfalls


Although the majority of the Chase Paymentech Merchant Services reviews have been very favorable, the service does come with a few downfalls. First, companies that process a lot of payments may be required to enter into a lengthy contract with a hefty termination fee. At the same time, Chase hasn’t been very friendly with high-risk merchants and may refuse to do business with these entities. With this in mind, this solution will not be a viable option for all business owners.




At the end of the day, Chase Paymentech is a great option for most business owners, but not all. Some may not even qualify for the service, while others will be required to enter into an undesirable contract. With this in mind, the service is a double-edged sword, but still a good option for most.

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