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Social Security Card Information For Merchants

Social Security Card information and application introduction for merchants.


A social security card is a wallet size documents given out by the social security administration. This is one of the most important documents which a person should posses. The main function of the card is to provide you with a social security number. All US citizens, permanent residents and even temporary working residents are supposed to obtain the cards.

Functions of a social security card

The main aim of obtaining a social security card is the fact that it assists the US government in keeping track all the American citizens and their own social security. In addition to that, the following are the major functions of a social security:

· Obtaining employment

Almost all the citizens in the United States want to be employed consistently. These individuals must be citizens of this country and should be able to prove it. The social security card is used for identifying yourself as an American citizen. If you don’t have a valid card, it will be almost impossible to get employment.

· Getting a driving license

If you want to drive legally without any hassle, it is a necessity to obtain a driving license. A social security card is required for identifying yourself and confirming your US citizenship status. By offering a valid card, you will not have any challenge in obtaining a valid driving license.

· Used in marriages and divorce

A newly married person needs to apply for a new social security card. Your married name will definitely replace the birth name. Even tough most of the married couples don’t understand the need of replacing the old SS card; it should be done after the wedding day. On the other hand, it is not mandatory to obtain a new social security card if you divorce. However, if you wish to change your married name to a maiden name, it is necessary.

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Online application of social security card

Online application of a social security card is a very simple process. The following are some of the requirements which a person needs to be having:

· A US citizen whose age is 18 years or more. Moreover, he or she should have a united state’s mailing address which comprises of: DPO.FPO and APO addresses

· Is not requesting for a change in name or any other changes in your card

· In possession of a state issued identification card from one of the following states: Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Washington.

After ascertaining that you have all the above, the initial step is to visit the SS card link so as to asses a form. If you don’t qualify for the online application, follow the instructions highlighted: learning of the documents required, filling out & printing the application and mailing the information to the SS card agencies.

Online application also involves use of external data source for example Equifax. When your account has been approved, utilize it in order to obtain a social security card.

One can apply for a social security card by use of change of address form 3575 online for a child who is under 18 years of age. For you to succeed in the application process, you must show the social security numbers of the parents if they were assigned an SS number. Alternatively, check the unknown box if you don’t know the number.

It may seem simply and a straight forward process to apply a social security card online. But, it is a complicated process. This is because there is plenty of information which might go wrong. If you do a simple mistake, it will extensively delay the whole process.

Actions which you need to take if you lost a social security card

The social security card replacement is done for free upto a maximum of three times a year. Nevertheless, there is a limit of ten times in a life time.

The social security pdf form (SS-5) is mainly used for new, replacing and changing names in the cards. After downloading and filling the change of address form 3575 online, it is then submitted to the relevant authorities with original or certified documents which verify the identity of a person. Photocopies or notarized copies which have not been certified by the custodian who has the original record are not acceptable.

Anti-identity theft process

In order to guard the social card against a thief accessing it, there are some preventive measures which need to be undertaken:

1. enroll in a theft identity monitoring program

2. Notifying your financial institutions for monitoring your accounts as well as requesting for new accounts if you suspect any transactions which are unusual.

3. Reporting the alert to the 3 national credit report firms. In fact, you need to use the federal trade commission which states that a firm which you form is required to notify the other two companies.

After giving the fraud alert report, a period of up to 90days will be given to you. This is a time whereby you need a free credit report for the three companies. Consequently, you will obtain a step by step guide of placing a fraud alert available on the website.

After talking all the actions recommended has been done, you may need to continually monitor the financial report so as to get any unusual activity. This will keep your social security card in a safe location. Moreover, the safe deposit container as well as other sensitive documents will be secure.

Incases whereby your card has been stolen, a complaint should be filed to the international crime complaint center (ICCC). After undergoing that step, social security records should be checked for consistency.

The cost obtaining a social security card

You can download the social security change of address form 3575 online and fill it for free. As mentioned above, there are a number of documents which you need to submit with the application form.


A social security card is a vital tool which you need to obtain so as to run most of the activities in the US. Therefore, it is a necessity to posses the card. As mentioned above, the process is a bit challenging. Fortunately, there are experts who will guide you and you will succeed in an expedited manner.