USPS Address Change – How To

USPS Address Change Online How-To

The importance of your USPS address change when moving to a new location is quite obvious and straightforward. In fact, the advantages of changing address (and details on social security card) are known to almost every citizen in the US.

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You need accurate updated information to get a job, receive various government services or collect social security benefits. The application process is quite simple and you can accomplish online.

If you have shifted to a new residence, you will need to update the details in your card and this can also be completed online. United States Postal Services USPS change of address online should never be a daunting process as it only involves filling out a short application, printing and mailing the information to the concerned bodies. Here is a detailed description of how you can change your security cards and USPS address change.

The three step procedureAs aforementioned, the process of changing your address online is quite simple and can be finished in a few easy steps as follows;

• Fill out a moving form – When you are moving to another place, you should first fill out form 3575 at your local post office to describe the nature of your move (temporary or permanent). You can also opt to call USPS address change and request the form or access it online, print it and send/mail it to your local post office. This form is available online from USPS official website and you can always download and print it.

• Use my social security account – It is often advisable to use the “my social security account” to change your address online especially if you receive social security retirement, disability benefits, survivors or Medicare enrolled benefits. If you do not receive such benefits, you can simply contact SSA (social security account).

Online verification often charges about $1.05. You may ask USPS to hold your mail or make temporary changes to your address details depending on the nature of your move. Eligibility for address changeYou can only make USPS change of address online if you meet a specific set of requirements provided by the state. Different states have varying requirements although the basics are similar across all states. In order to use my social security account to change your address and card, you must meet the following;

• Must be a US citizen of age 18 or older• Must have a US mailing address that has FPO, DPO and APO addresses

• You should not be requesting any additional changes such as name change on your card

• Should have a valid US driver’s license OR

• A state issued identification card from District of Columbia, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan Nebraska New Mexico Washington or Wisconsin. It is also important to note that you must have an active my social security account before you make any changes. If you do not have one, consider creating new account with your new details and address.


USPS Address Change


What do I need to fill?

USPS change of address online offers a short form that is simple to fill out. The details needed are basic and there is sufficient help if you need assistance in some areas. Basically, you will be required to specify the type of move as temporary or permanent.

Select permanent if you do not have plans to move back to your former residence and temporary for the reverse. You will also be required to specify when USPS should forward your mail and the type of move; individual, family or business.

• Individual move – Select this if you are the only one moving. It is also advisable to choose this move if you receive mails using more than one name, if some members holding the same last name are moving while others are staying or if some family members with different last names are moving.

• Family – This is meant for people moving together with the whole household to the same new address.

• Business – Ideal if you are moving a business. Only authorized business representatives are allowed to forward email addresses. This option is strictly for business and you must never use it to forward any email intended for you.
Other information required includes full names, old address, new address and contact information. The USPS address change online portal is a simple self-service platform with user friendly interface that will guide you through the whole process.

USPS Address Change

If you do not know some details like new address and locations, there are various tools to help you with the search for postal codes. The portal has five stages which include moving information, name and address, identity check, instant savings and confirm order.
Important notesWhen applying for a change in addresses, it is important to have accurate information at your fingertips. In fact, the USPS address change online portal uses their first registration tab to remind applicants of the privacy act statement.

Offering any wrongful information may put you at risk of imprisonment under various acts against intentional provision of flawed moving information. It is therefore important to confirm all details of name, address and postal codes before you begin the process.

Flawed information may delay processing and halt the whole process of changing your social security card and address. This is why you are required to read and acknowledge the act before proceeding to the next step.
Benefits of USPS online change of address the benefits of changing your address online using United States Postal Services are simply crystal. It is fast and convenient as it saves you trips to the postal office. It is also safe and secure with additional ID verification service that can be used to safeguard your information. The service is also prompt featuring instant email notification.

USPS strive to make the moving as effortless and convenient as possible providing a platform with over 750 different moving coupons and local information tools that avails numerous new neighbor deals. The service is quite affordable and does not require any additional expenses.

What’s more, you can complete the process at any time of the day or night as USPS portal is online 24 hours a day all year round.

If you’re moving into a new rental property that isn’t pet friendly and you have a pet that supports you emotionally you can always obtain an Emotional Support Dog Letter for legal rights to live with your animal.

Social Security Card Information For Merchants

Social Security Card information and application introduction for merchants.


A social security card is a wallet size documents given out by the social security administration. This is one of the most important documents which a person should posses. The main function of the card is to provide you with a social security number. All US citizens, permanent residents and even temporary working residents are supposed to obtain the cards.

The main aim of obtaining a social security card is the fact that it assists the US government in keeping track all the American citizens and their own social security. In addition to that, the following are the major functions of a social security:

· Obtaining employment

Almost all the citizens in the United States want to be employed consistently. These individuals must be citizens of this country and should be able to prove it. The social security card is used for identifying yourself as an American citizen. If you don’t have a valid card, it will be almost impossible to get employment.

· Getting a driving license

If you want to drive legally without any hassle, it is a necessity to obtain a driving license. A social security card is required for identifying yourself and confirming your US citizenship status. By offering a valid card, you will not have any challenge in obtaining a valid driving license.

· Used in marriages and divorce

A newly married person needs to apply for a new social security card. Your married name will definitely replace the birth name. Even tough most of the married couples don’t understand the need of replacing the old SS card; it should be done after the wedding day. On the other hand, it is not mandatory to obtain a new social security card if you divorce. However, if you wish to change your married name to a maiden name, it is necessary.

ss card

Online application of social security card

Online application of a social security card is a very simple process. The following are some of the requirements which a person needs to be having:

· A US citizen whose age is 18 years or more. Moreover, he or she should have a united state’s mailing address which comprises of: DPO.FPO and APO addresses

· Is not requesting for a change in name or any other changes in your card

· In possession of a state issued identification card from one of the following states: Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Washington.

After ascertaining that you have all the above, the initial step is to visit the SS card link so as to asses a form. If you don’t qualify for the online application, follow the instructions highlighted: learning of the documents required, filling out & printing the application and mailing the information to the SS card agencies.

Online application also involves use of external data source for example Equifax. When your account has been approved, utilize it in order to obtain a social security card.

One can apply for a social security card by use of change of address form 3575 online for a child who is under 18 years of age. For you to succeed in the application process, you must show the social security numbers of the parents if they were assigned an SS number. Alternatively, check the unknown box if you don’t know the number.

It may seem simply and a straight forward process to apply a social security card online. But, it is a complicated process. This is because there is plenty of information which might go wrong. If you do a simple mistake, it will extensively delay the whole process.

Actions which you need to take if you lost a social security card

The social security card replacement is done for free upto a maximum of three times a year. Nevertheless, there is a limit of ten times in a life time.

The social security pdf form (SS-5) is mainly used for new, replacing and changing names in the cards. After downloading and filling the change of address form 3575 online, it is then submitted to the relevant authorities with original or certified documents which verify the identity of a person. Photocopies or notarized copies which have not been certified by the custodian who has the original record are not acceptable.

Anti-identity theft process

In order to guard the social card against a thief accessing it, there are some preventive measures which need to be undertaken:

1. enroll in a theft identity monitoring program

2. Notifying your financial institutions for monitoring your accounts as well as requesting for new accounts if you suspect any transactions which are unusual.

3. Reporting the alert to the 3 national credit report firms. In fact, you need to use the federal trade commission which states that a firm which you form is required to notify the other two companies.

After giving the fraud alert report, a period of up to 90days will be given to you. This is a time whereby you need a free credit report for the three companies. Consequently, you will obtain a step by step guide of placing a fraud alert available on the website.

After talking all the actions recommended has been done, you may need to continually monitor the financial report so as to get any unusual activity. This will keep your social security card in a safe location. Moreover, the safe deposit container as well as other sensitive documents will be secure.

Incases whereby your card has been stolen, a complaint should be filed to the international crime complaint center (ICCC). After undergoing that step, social security records should be checked for consistency.

The cost obtaining a social security card

You can download the social security change of address form 3575 online and fill it for free. As mentioned above, there are a number of documents which you need to submit with the application form.


A social security card is a vital tool which you need to obtain so as to run most of the activities in the US. Therefore, it is a necessity to posses the card. As mentioned above, the process is a bit challenging. Fortunately, there are experts who will guide you and you will succeed in an expedited manner.

Many of you asked how to obtain SSC cards online, we suggest Replacement Social Security Cards.

If you have any more questions please leave it in the comments and we’ll update asap, 2017 IRS form updates are right around the corner!

Chase Payment Tech

Chase Paymentech Merchant Services Reviews – The Good And The Bad

 chase payment tech merchant services

Are you currently scouring the market for the best merchant services, with the smallest fee possible? If so, you should definitely take the time to read the latest Chase Paymentech Merchant Services reviews. This bank has been in the industry for an extensive period of time and you can benefit immensely from utilizing their merchant solutions. Of course, there are some negatives involved. Within this review, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the good and bad aspects of Paymentech Merchant Services.


Skip The Middleman


When attempting to deal with a traditional payment processor, the business owner would generally be working with several different entities. They’ll utilize the processor to process the payment, while using a separate merchant bank. This can sometimes create confusion and increase the fees slightly. This is one of the primary reasons that a lot of business owners adore Chase Paymentech Services. Chase handles all aspects of the transaction. Not only do they act as the processor, but Chase is also the active merchant bank so you do not need to go through several different entities.


Lower Costs


Now, you should already see the benefit of being able to skip the middleman. In general, this means that you’ll be provided with a better fee per each transaction. Chase offers a very simplistic pricing structure, so business owners shouldn’t have much difficulty figuring out precisely how much they’ll pay. Qualified Credit, Rewards Card and Signature Debit transactions come with a 1.65% fee and a $.25 surcharge per transaction, when using your existing hardware. Unfortunately, the costs for unqualified transactions have no been clearly labeled.


Customer Service


One of the most notable benefits associated with Chase is the fact that their customer support is topnotch. Their customer support system is in-house and based out of the United States. They’re also available each hour of every day. Regardless of the situation, time of the day or day of the year, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be able to get in touch with the company and they’ll be able to rectify the problem, without much trouble.


Some Downfalls


Although the majority of the Chase Paymentech Merchant Services reviews have been very favorable, the service does come with a few downfalls. First, companies that process a lot of payments may be required to enter into a lengthy contract with a hefty termination fee. At the same time, Chase hasn’t been very friendly with high-risk merchants and may refuse to do business with these entities. With this in mind, this solution will not be a viable option for all business owners.




At the end of the day, Chase Paymentech is a great option for most business owners, but not all. Some may not even qualify for the service, while others will be required to enter into an undesirable contract. With this in mind, the service is a double-edged sword, but still a good option for most.

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